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A Brief Look at the Tight End Position in American Football

Greg Gullberg is an experienced journalist who has worked in multiple markets in the southeastern United States. Leading an active lifestyle in his free time, Greg Gullberg recently played semiprofessional football as a tight end.

The tight end in American football is a unique offensive role that typically requires a player to have skills as both a blocker and receiver. Considering their eligibility as legal blockers, tight ends are generally taller and stronger than wide receivers and running backs. However, a tight end’s role can vary greatly from one offensive scheme to another.

When it comes to blocking, for example, some teams may use tight ends exclusively as additional blockers. In this regard, tight ends can provide extra protection for the quarterback on passing plays or provide blocking downfield on running plays.

Other coaches may prefer to rely on tight ends for added offensive firepower. Tony Gonzalez caught 111 touchdown passes over the course of his career and currently stands tied for the most in NFL history by a tight end with Antonio Gates, who is still active in the league. Ranking sixth overall in receiving touchdowns in league history, the pair illustrate the potential offensive impact of the tight end position.


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