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An Overview of the Tight End Position

Greg Gullberg

Greg Gullberg is a journalist with nearly a decade of experience throughout the nation. He is also a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma which has allowed him the opportunity to get back into competitive sports. Greg Gullberg is a tight end in semi-pro football for the Rampage. Gullberg leads the team in Touch Down catches.

The tight end position in American football, alternatively referred to as Y receivers or slot receivers, is one of the sport’s most intriguing, as it combines the skill and athleticism of a ball carrier or receiver with the physical strength of a defensive player. In certain scenarios, offensive receivers are prohibited from setting blocks against players on defense. Tight ends, however, are both legal blockers and eligible receivers. Tight ends are also known as outlet receivers, as they often serve as a last option for quarterbacks who cannot find open receivers further down field.

In 2011, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski recorded 17 touchdowns, a National Football League (NFL) record for the position. Gronkowski also put up 1,327 receiving yards, another single season record for a tight end. Demonstrating the diverse skill set of the position, Gronkowski fumbled the ball zero times that season on 90 receptions and has lost only two balls in his entire NFL career, the hallmark of a talented ball carrier.


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