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Two Simple Ways to Improve Running Efficiency

It is no secret that News Reporters work long hours! It requires lots of stamina to be news gathering on the streets, asking tough questions, writing scripts, racing against the clock, and performing Live each day. However, no one does it better than Greg Gullberg. Gullberg has worked for CNN, as well as several local news affiliates including NBC and CBS. He believes the secret to success is staying healthy and caring for your body. Greg Gullberg says that means eat right, get lots of sleep, and of course, tons of vigorous exercise. Gullberg says his favorite form of exercise is running.

How do you improve running efficiency? That means running faster and further using less energy, and here are two simple ways:

1. Get strong. Runners often develop muscle imbalance meaning the body has to work harder to make up for the weak areas (inefficiency). If your glutes are weak as a result of long sitting hours at the office or in class, they may cause instability and even lateral hip shifting. This wastes your lateral movement and reduces your running efficiency. 

Consider strength-training. Go for both multi-functional exercises such as squats and lunges and simple exercises such as clams and pushups. The idea is to target weak and inactive muscles.

2. Boost your stride rate. How many strides do you take per minute? Count them the next time you’re running. If the number is below 170 then you are probably generating more vertical energy than lateral energy. 

Train yourself to run with shorter strides by setting a target of strides per minute. It may feel unnatural at first but you’ll get better. When you hit that number, start elongating your strides while still maintaining your target. Don’t expect to get there in a week or two as the key is to practice and be patient.


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